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Payment is easy on C-Alarm

The first 90 days are free of charge, in order for you to try the benefits of our service. After the first 90 days, your credit card will be charged for the first month of use.

Automatic renewal
The service runs as a subscription based service, which means you will automatically be charged $5 every month.

The renewal will happen 4 days before your expire date. This means that if your account expire on the 20th, your card will be charged the 16th of that month. A receipt for the payment will be mailed automatically to you, so you can always keep track of your spending or get it reimbursed by the company you are working for. You can also see a list of your payments in the dashboard of your profile.

Cancel subscription
You can cancel your subscription to C-Alarm at any time. The service will be active until the end of the month you have been charged for. After this we will delete your profile along with all its documents.

What is included

• Personal profile
• Unlimited certificates
• Unlimited notifications
• Unlimited use of CV creation tool
• Unlimited use of documentation tool
• Overview of payments
Only $5 + VAT / month
VAT is only charged in Europe.

If you are interested in a B2B solution with multiple users, please send us an email at contact@c-alarm.com

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